The positive benefits that a sport can bring into one’s life are immense. If you want an agile body, super reflexes along with a sharp, focused mind then learn badminton. Badminton is fast becoming a popular universal sport appealing to people of all ages.

Badminton, a sport some refer to as “goodminton” can be played with or without a court. Compared with other racket sports such as Squash, Table Tennis and (lawn) Tennis, badminton has some unique advantages to it which shall be the subject of our discussion in this article.

Improves Agility
The speeding shuttlecock coming your way from your opponent’s side requires you to be quick on your feet to return it. You just don’t get physically quicker but mentally too, as you have to be quick in your thinking too.
Playing the sport regularly improves your reflexes tremendously and over time you are bound to become more agile.

Improves physical fitness

The impact of learning and playing badminton on the body are innumerable. If your goal is to stay in shape or to get in shape then think no further and learn to play badminton. The sheer swift nature of the game involving running, leaping and jumping burns more calories and improves your cardiovascular health in a large way.
Being an aerobic sport, badminton improves the overall physical health of an individual. For the older lot playing the sport can help in keeping their health’s vital aspects such as blood pressure and cholesterol under check.

Playing badminton released food good hormones in our body which also promotes good mental health and keeps you away from depression.

Improves inter personal skills

Badminton is a two person sport. Playing against an opponent will not only help improve your game but also enables you to learn and cultivate good values such as fair play and sportsmanship.
In case of doubles you get a chance to partner up with another and form a team. A partner can help in improving yourself in the game by pointing out your strengths and weakness, and also prove to be a source of moral support during a bad patch with the game or life in itself.

The advantages of learning badminton can fill several volumes. We want you to experience the benefits rather than read them. So, do not waste time, pick up a badminton racket and shuttlecock and get ready for your first smash.