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Welcome to our PBC ladder programs. Our ladder programs will be played on specific days in a week. For example, we will have the Men’s Ladder on Monday and Ladies’ Ladder on Wednesday (tentative schedules). We aim to provide a program that enhances your badminton experience at our facility.

PBC will organize games that are set up in a round robin format where each player partners up with a different player with similar skill level in every game. The round robin groups are set up using a scoring/ranking system to even the level of play among players so that the quality of play is maintained. Please note that a club member will have higher priority to participate.

How is it played?

On each day we have the ladder games, we will have 3 groups (Group A, B, and C) consisting of 6-8 players. Court 1 will be dedicated for Group A (players with highest scores signed up for games), Court 2 will be for Group B, and Court 3 will be for Group C. A club staff will make the draws according to the ranking before the games started. We anticipate that these round robin games will last about 90-120 minutes. Each participant will play 4-5 games.

The ranking system depends on the average of four weeks total score plus the incentive bonus point to set the final score. It is designed so that players will move up and down according to their performances in the games. The system will count the total average score, not the winning or losing of the game. Therefore, to stay in a higher ranking court, you need to get your highest score possible in each game, and play as often as possible (for bonus points). The scoring/ ranking is only a tool to facilitate the games. So, please don’t take the scoring/ranking system too seriously. The most important element is to try to play your best, make friends and have fun.

Each player should bring one club approved tournament grade birdie (for example: Aeroplane, Victor Champion No. 1 or Yonex AS 30, 40 or 50 or any other club approved shuttlecocks)

Please contact Info@planobadmintoncenter.com to participate in these fun programs.