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Open 7 Days per Week.

We welcome everybody to join our facility

Join us today to have fun, meet new friends and contribute to the growth of our beloved sport in DFW

Bring your family and friends to have good experience

Support us by becoming members. This is important to sustain our top of the line badminton facility…remember you can play any day you desire, 7 days a week!

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Membership Benefits

We are the only badminton club in the DFW area with a dedicated badminton facility. Our facility will enable our members to play, learn, and practice more badminton. We offer our members the following additional benefits:

  • Special rates for all rentals
  • Special rates for private and group training/ classes
  • Special rates for in-store Pro Shop items (rackets, shoes, or clothes)

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Membership Plan 1 Time sign-up Fee (+tax) Monthly Fee (+tax)
Adult Individual $50 $50
Adult+Spouse $60 $75
 Adult+1 Child ($10 for each additional child) $60 $70
Adult+Spouse+ Up to 2 Children ($10 for each additional Child) $80 $85
Junior (18 and under) $40 $25
 Senior (60 and above) $50 $39
Afternoon (weekday noon to 4 PM, holiday excluded) $25 $28


Drop-in Fee after tax
Drop-in (Adult, per visit) $10
Drop-in (Adult, 10 visits) $92
Drop-in (Jr./Sr., per visit) $7.50
Drop-in (Jr./Sr., 10 visits) $54.13
Drop-in (weekday noon to 4 PM, holiday excluded, per visit) $7.50

*Membership fee may change without notice*

If you prefer to pay yearly, you will receive a free membership for one month.

If you prefer to attend as a guest, the daily rate (after tax) is $10/ Adult, $7.50/ Junior, and $7.50/Senior.

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Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our membership plans.

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