The center will strictly enforce the rules. We have the right to refuse service to anyone. No refund will be provided when you are asked to leave due to your non-compliance. You may not be able to use our courts in the future if you break the rules multiple times.

Court Reservation:

    1. All visitors must reserve courts before coming to the center. Please book an appropriate amount of time so that you can warm-up and cool down. You must do these activities on the court within the rental time.
    2. Please ensure yourself and your group members that you will comply with our rules.
    3. Book Online at
    4. If people need help to book, they can send an email to or Please write “rental court” as the subject of your email. Please include your name, the day and time of you want to rent, and how many hours of rental.
    5. Also, they can send a text message or WhatsApp message to (949) 436 8849
    6. Please review our refund policy
    7. The group must only have a total of 2-6 people per court
    8. People must stay in the same group and play in the same court.
    9. Players can only come at most 5 minutes before the rental time start. Please wait in your car if you come earlier.
    10. Players must leave the center before the rental time ends
    11. Players must stay within their own group
    12. Visitors must bring facemasks to the center. We recommend visitors to wear gloves too

Arrivals and Registration at the Center:

  1. If you are sick or just recovered from symptoms (such as cough, short throat, chills, fever with 100°F or more, headache, shortness of breath, loss of taste, or diarrhea) or if you are in close contact with a person who was just diagnosed with covid19, you must not come to the center. To be safe, you must wait for 14 days before you come to play. Please email us to let us know your situation.
  2. Please follow the guidelines given by the local government.
  3. The person who does the booking must present during the check-in at the front desk
  4. Do not come more than 5 minutes earlier. Please wait in your car. You are not allowed to warm up inside the center before your rental time starts.
  5. Upon arrival, the player who reserves the court must submit a list containing the names of the players in his or her group. The list must include the court number, time of rental, the valid contact info (full name, phone number, and email as well as zip code). The names must match the IDs. This is to ensure appropriate contact tracing can be done if needed.
  6. All visitors must wear a mask before entering the center. Mask is required all the time unless when playing on the assigned court. No mask no entry
  7. We recommend visitors (including players) to wear gloves as well
  8. Visitors must clean their hands when entering the building
  9. All players must check-in at the front desk
  10. Front desk will check the temperature of each visitor. If you have a fever, you will be requested to leave.
  11. Front desk will check the ID
  12. The front desk will confirm the court number and assign a waiting room

Playing and Waiting for Your Turn:

  1. People must stay in their designated area when they are waiting for their turn to play
  2. We recommend players to sign up in pairs, no partner change; the pair will play through the session. This is to keep the contact between the two players.
  3. We recommend that players wear gloves both on and off the court.
  4. Players’ activities are restricted to the court area, do not visit other rooms/places
  5. Players must clean and sanitize the chairs and table before use.
  6. Warm-up and cool-down must be done at the reserved court within the rental time.
  7. Do not use the old shuttlecocks from other groups when you are warming up.
  8. If shuttlecock from another group falls onto the court, please use a racket to send it back

No physical contact with the players from other groups.

Completing your rental time:

  1. Players must leave the building before the time is up. The service charge will be assessed if you stay longer than 5 minutes in the waiting area.
  2. The player must do the cooldown on the rental court before the time is up.