Coach Angel

Angel was born and raised in Indonesia, where badminton is a very competitive sport. She was trained and coached under a world-caliber National Coach of Indonesia, Ms. Liang Chiu Sia. Coach Liang trained several world-class players in her tenure as the national head coach of Indonesia in the 1980s. One of her students was Susi Susanti, a two-time Olympic Gold and Bronze Medalist in 1992 and 1996. Coach Angel competed nationally from 1994 to 2006 and was able to be in the top five national junior players (U13 to U19) in single, double, and mixed. In 2006, she decided to focus on her coaching career to financially help her family. She started as an assistant coach for Coach Liang and then she was promoted to be the head coach replacing Coach Liang when Coach Liang was once called again to be the head coach of the National Indonesian Team in 2012.

In her more than 10 years of coaching experience, Coach Angel has trained numerous students from beginner to advanced. One of her students, Yulia Yosephin Susanto, is currently ranked number 8 in women single in Indonesia and 77 in the BWF world ranking. Coach Angel frequently accompanied Yulia in major national and international tournaments, such as the Vietnam Open, Taipei Open, and Malaysia Open. Coach Angel likes to work with novice and intermediate level students. She understands the unique talent and challenges of each student. Her goal is to bring the best potential for each student. She motivates and uses positive enforcement to help her students grow.